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Soft Pastels 90 color set for portrait painting

¥32,000 ¥58,000



1.Wide variety of colors:The set includes 90 pastel colors, perfect for creating subtle tones and shades of skin in great detail

2.Use of high quality pigments: Pigments of high purity and vivid color are used to ensure good color retention.

3.Smooth texture:Soft pastels are characterized by a smooth, creamy drawing feel and are easy to mix and blend.

4.High lightfastness: Excellent lightfastness and resistance to fading over time.

5.Pencil-like control: A wide range of control is available, from fine detail to large surface fills, allowing for a wider range of expression.

6.Synthetic Resin Binder: The synthetic resin used to bind the pigment ensures uniform and consistent color development.

7.Versatility:Although intended for portraits, the color quality and ease of use make it flexible for use in other genres such as landscapes and still lifes.

<Usage scenarios>

Portrait creation: Create any fine nuance of skin tone, hair color, clothing color, etc.
Academic drawing: useful for academic and anatomical illustrations.


・Beginners to professionals
・People who want to create artwork using a wide range of colors
・People who want high quality pastels

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