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Professional Watercolor 24-color set

¥23,000 ¥39,000

These are the finest watercolors recognized around the world. Made with the finest pigments for vivid colors and excellent durability.

Set color scheme includes: Lemon Yellow Nickel Titanate (347), New Gamboge (267), Cadmium Yellow (108), Cadmium Orange (089), Scarlet Rake (603), Cadmium Free Red Deep (895), Permanent Rose (502), Cobalt Violet (192), French Ultramarine (263), Cobalt Blue (178), Prussian Blue (538), Cerulean Blue (137), Windsor Green Yellow Shade (721), Tail Belt (637), Fuchsia Green (311) Permanent Sap Green (503), Yellow Ochre (744), Burnt Sienna (074), Raw Umber (554), Burnt Umber (076), Sepia (609), Ivory Black (331), Divis Gray (217), Titanium White (644)


1. A Kaleidoscope of Colors
The Winsor & Newton 24-Color Set is a true treasure trove for artists, presenting an extensive palette of 24 carefully selected colors in 5ml tubes. From vibrant primary colors to nuanced earth tones and subtle pastels, this set covers the full spectrum, providing endless possibilities for your creative expressions.

2. Unparalleled Pigment Quality
Crafted with precision and expertise, Winsor & Newton watercolors are renowned for their superior pigment quality. The 5ml tubes contain highly concentrated pigments that deliver vibrant and luminous hues. These professional-grade colors allow you to achieve the depth and richness that your artwork deserves.

3. Exceptional Lightfastness
When it comes to preserving your artistic creations, lightfastness is crucial. The Winsor & Newton watercolors in this set boast exceptional lightfastness, ensuring that your artwork will stand the test of time without fading or losing its brilliance. Your creations will remain as vibrant and captivating as the day you painted them.

4. Versatility in Application
Whether you're a watercolor traditionalist or prefer experimenting with various techniques, this set caters to all artistic styles. The 5ml tubes offer precise control over the amount of pigment, making it easy to achieve delicate washes, intricate details, and bold, expressive strokes. From landscapes to portraits, this set is your versatile companion.

5. Convenient and Portable Tubes
The 5ml tube size of this set strikes the perfect balance between providing enough pigment for extensive projects and ensuring portability. The tubes are easy to squeeze, allowing you to dispense the desired amount of pigment without wastage. Compact and travel-friendly, these tubes are perfect for artists on the go.

6. Mixing Mastery
One of the hallmarks of a professional watercolor set is its ability to facilitate color mixing. The Winsor & Newton 24-Color Set excels in this aspect, allowing artists to create an infinite array of colors by blending the rich pigments. Explore the art of color theory and discover new tones that bring depth and dimension to your work.

7. Premium Brand Assurance
Winsor & Newton is a name synonymous with quality in the art world. With over 180 years of expertise, this brand has been a trusted choice for artists worldwide. The 24-Color Set is a testament to their commitment to providing artists with the finest tools for self-expression.

8. Suitable for Various Surfaces
Whether you prefer working on traditional watercolor paper, illustration boards, or even unconventional surfaces, the Winsor & Newton watercolors adapt seamlessly. Achieve breathtaking effects on a variety of surfaces and experiment with different textures to bring your artistic visions to life.

9. Ideal for Professional Artists and Enthusiasts
The 24-Color Set is curated with both professional artists and passionate enthusiasts in mind. Whether you're a seasoned watercolorist or just beginning your artistic journey, this set offers the depth and variety needed for all levels of expertise.

10. A Timeless Gift for Artists
Looking for the perfect gift for the artist in your life? The Winsor & Newton 5ml Tube 24-Color Set is not just a set of watercolors; it's a thoughtful and timeless gift for any occasion. Inspire creativity and support the artistic endeavors of your loved ones with this premium watercolor collection.

In Conclusion
The Professional Watercolor Winsor & Newton 5ml Tube 24-Color Set is a masterpiece in itself, curated to provide artists with the tools they need to create captivating and enduring artwork. With its vibrant colors, superior pigment quality, and versatility, this set is an investment in your artistic journey.

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