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Mussini, the finest natural resin oil paints

Schmincke's finest resin oil paints, Mussini, are produced using a very special process to meet the highest industry standards and are unmatched worldwide.

Mussini uses both the best traditional pigments, each in its purest form and in the highest possible concentration, and many newly developed, extremely fine pigments, which are used differently for each color.

All of Mussini's 101 colors have the highest lightfastness (83 of the paints are ranked among the top), the greatest lightness, and the greatest purity of color. if too many different pigments are used to make one oil paint color, the paint can become "grayish" when mixed on the palette. 64 By maintaining the purity of the paint by blending only a single pigment, Mussini guarantees that when the paints are mixed, they produce exceptionally good, clear, vibrant colors. Forty-two of Mussini's 101 colors are transparent or translucent, making them perfectly suited for (semi)transparent painting techniques that allow light to penetrate deeply and produce very nice brightness and rich, bright colors. After mixing and rubbing the raw materials together, all Mussini paints are aged for approximately three months to allow the pigments and oils to combine optimally.

Mussini's unparalleled character comes from his use of the formulation method of the masters, which combines carefully selected oils and natural resins. The particularly balanced drying process of the resin oil paints creates a durable layer of paint that does not develop tension, thus increasing the refractive index of light and extending the life of the painting. Oil dries by absorbing oxygen, which increases its volume during drying. In Mussini's case, this increase in volume equals the volume of resin lost during drying. The result is a support surface of exceptional strength and clarity.


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