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Highest grade transparent watercolor paint Horadam
In 1893, one of the company's founders, Joseph His Horadam, invented and patented Horadam's transparent watercolor paints, which are considered to be the highest quality in Europe.
Horadam has been recognized throughout its long history and has been supported by many famous artists such as Nolde and Kokoschka. Today, Schminke's mission is to continue producing the highest quality German watercolor paints in the world.

Horadam consists of 140 colors, 65 of which are made from single pigments, which are the most ideal for drawing and color mixing. Schminke researches and tests numerous new pigments and uses only the highest quality raw materials to ensure high stability, density, resolubility and light resistance. As a result, the paint spreads well even on soft watercolor paper, making it easy to reuse paint that has dried on the palette.
Additionally, Horadam's color composition is extremely excellent in terms of color harmony and balance.

The solid watercolors produced by Horadam watercolor tubes and filling methods are made with the same formula, so they dry quickly and dissolve quickly, allowing you to control the fluidity of your paints. To produce one color of solid watercolor, it is filled an average of four times, and each filling is dried in a greenhouse for one month to evaporate excess water.

Solid watercolors rich in pigments take 3 to 5 months of time and effort to produce. This is the only manufacturing method in the world that only Schminke uses.



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