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Become an Ambassador for Copic Markers and Holbein Watercolors and Pencils

Copic markers are as easy to use as markers but with the rich colors of a watercolor painting, while Holbein is known for its high color performance and minimal fading. Share the wonderful art you created using these products and join our brand!

We know you want high-quality products that are easy to use so that you can fully express your creativity. We carry genuine Copic markers and Holbein products at affordable prices!

What Artists Love About Copics

Art Supplies Japan sells three types of Copics: Copic Sketch, Copic Ciao, and Copic Classic.

These are what artists around the world love about Copics:
・Good coloring
・A wide variety of colors
・Easy to use and clean up
・Good cost performance
・Comfortable to write with

Introducting Holbein Watercolors & Colored Pencils

We also carry Holbein watercolors and colored pencils. Holbein is a long-established Japanese art materials manufacturer that has been producing paints since 1933.

Their products, made with carefully selected, high-quality pigments, are attractive because of their excellent color reproduction and minimal fading. They are the go-to painting materials for professional artists and experts.

Become a Brand Ambassador

We want people to know that Art Supplies Japan is a top seller of Copic and Holbein art supplies, so we can help more artists express their creativity.

Are you up for the challenge? We want you to share the artwork you are so proud of by becoming a brand ambassador!

Ambassador Qualifications

A Brand Ambassador is Someone Who:
・Has purchased our products and supports our brand's ideals (professionals and amateurs are welcome).
・Can share our products together with their own illustrations, paintings, and designs on social media.

Our Request:
・Please use as clear photos and videos as possible in the content you post.
・Share your social media handles with us (so we can share your content on our accounts as well).

*We would like to know your social networking accounts (we would like to share them on our accounts as well).
*After you have shared your social media handles with us, we would like to conduct a brief interview.

*Gifting will be available only to those whose social media accounts are determined to be a good fit for our program.

Ambassador Rewards

We would like to give you a gift for agreeing to become our ambassador. Please select one item from the following list:
Copic Sketchbook (Small) (14.8" W x 18.5" H x 30 sheets)
Holbein Watercolor Drawing Book (21.0" W x 29.7" H x 20 sheets)
Holbein Color Pencil Drawing Book (21.0" W x 29.7" H x 20 sheets)

*To view the gift, click on the product name.