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Professional Watercolor 107 color set

¥110,000 ¥150,000

Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolors feature high-quality pigments and vibrant colors.
This 107-color set includes a wide range of hues, allowing artists to create a variety of shades and tones. General features that can be expected from this set include;

1.Professional Quality: Winsor & Newton is renowned for producing professional-grade art supplies, and their watercolor paints are no exception. The pigments used are of high quality, ensuring color brilliance and longevity.

2.Wide Color Range: With 107 colors in the set, artists have a broad spectrum of hues to choose from. This allows for greater versatility in mixing colors and achieving desired tones.

3.Lightfastness: Winsor & Newton watercolors are known for their excellent lightfastness, meaning the colors resist fading over time when exposed to light. This ensures the longevity of your artwork.

4.Transparency and Opacity: Watercolors can vary in transparency and opacity. Some colors may be more transparent, allowing underlying layers to show through, while others may be more opaque, providing greater coverage.

5.Mixing Properties: Professional watercolors are designed for easy mixing, allowing artists to create an infinite array of colors by blending different hues together.

6.Tube Format: Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolors typically come in tubes, which allow for easy dispensing and mixing. Tubes also ensure the freshness of the paint, as they prevent air and moisture from affecting the quality.

7.Pigment Information: Each color in the set should come with information about the pigments used, including pigment code and transparency/opacity level. This information is useful for artists who want to understand the properties of the colors they're using.

Overall, Winsor & Newton's Professional Watercolor 107 Color Set is suitable for both professional artists and serious hobbyists.

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