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ACRYLIC Gouache 20ml D414 18 color set

¥18,000 ¥25,000

It is soluble in water, but once it dries, it is not soluble in water again.
When diluting ACRYLIC Gouache, add water and wash the brush with water. Once it dries, it is no longer soluble in water.
It dries quickly, making it easy to create a work of art.
Fast drying time of 20 to 30 minutes allows for speedy production.
A wide variety of mediums support a wide range of expression.
A wide variety of base materials such as gesso and modeling paste are available, allowing a wide range of expression.
Linked to the 24 hue rings of the PCCS (Color Color Color System of the Japan Institute of Color Science).
Acryllic Gouache has Munsell symbols printed on the tube, making it a convenient paint for color management. In addition, since there are 24 colors linked to the PCCS, when employed as school materials, students can understand the properties of colors through color mixing and can study them in conjunction with placement exercises.

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