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Ciao Starter 72-Color Set

¥26,000 ¥37,000

This 72 color set features a range of light and saturated colors, making it easy to create gradations. Recommended for introductory use or anyone who likes to choose colors based on intuition. This set is an ideal gift for loved ones who are creative.

1. What is the Copic Start 72 color set?
The Copic Start 72 Color Set is the perfect choice for a starting point in the world of color markers. The set includes 72 Copic markers in a wide variety of colors to inspire the creativity of any artist, from beginner to professional.

2. High-quality inks
Copic markers are known for their high-quality alcohol-based inks, which provide vibrant colors. The colors do not bleed through, making them a reliable choice for professional artists.

3. Master of blending
Copic markers excel at blending, allowing you to smoothly mix different colors to create beautiful gradients and shades. This is essential for illustration and concept art creation.

4. Versatile Color Selection
The 72-color set includes a vibrant and diverse color range. Light, neutral, dark, and even grayscale colors are available for every project. Endless color combinations are possible.

5. Long Life and Durability
Copic markers are lightfast and do not fade over time, ensuring that your artwork and illustrations will have longevity. They also feature replaceable ink cartridges and interchangeable writing tips to extend the life of the markers.

6. Tools for artists
From professional artists to hobbyists, Copic markers are a favorite tool for maximizing creativity. They are suitable for a variety of art projects, including illustration, cartooning, sketching, animation, fashion design, architectural modeling, and concept art.

7. Set Benefits
The 72-color set offers a wide variety of color choices while also including a storage case. It organizes markers and makes them easy and convenient to carry. Artists can quickly bring creative ideas to life.

8. Also suitable for education
For students and educational institutions alike, Copic markers are an ideal tool to use as part of color theory and art education. Through art education, they enhance students' creativity and expression.

9. Resonance with Social Media
Share your work with art enthusiasts around the world through social media and online art platforms. Students can showcase their Copic Marker artwork and techniques and connect with the art community.

10. Economical Choice
The 72-color set is more economical than purchasing individual items and offers the opportunity to get more colors. Artists have access to high quality tools while staying within their budget.

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