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Classic 36-Color Set

¥18,900 ¥27,000

This essential starter set includes a wide selection of grays and primary colors commonly used in design and illustration. The acrylic case keeps the markers well organized and displayed for easy navigation. Popular among graphic artists, illustrators, and designers alike.


1.Quality and Reliability
Copic Classic 36 Colors are known for their high-quality inks and robust writing tips. Artists and illustrators trust them because their color markers consistently deliver great results. The vibrancy of the colors and the lack of color fade can have a significant impact on the sustainability of a project.

2.Versatile Color Selection
This 36-color set includes a broad color spectrum to help artists unleash their creativity and find the right colors for a variety of projects. There are many choices for light colors, dark colors, midtones, and even grayscale.

3.Blending and Mixing
Copic Classic Markers are renowned for their excellent blending capabilities. Artists can smoothly blend different colors to create effective gradients, allowing them to create stunningly realistic illustrations using a variety of techniques.

4.Water Resistant
These markers are water-resistant, meaning that colors will not bleed through if artwork gets wet. This makes the artwork more durable, unlike acrylic paints or watercolors.

5.Resonance with Artists
Copics have long had strong ties to the artist community. Many professional artists use Copic markers and their work has been highly acclaimed around the world.

6.Set Benefits
The 36-color set is very practical for artists. It can be used for many projects and allows for endless experimentation with color combinations. A storage case is also included to keep the markers organized and easy to carry.

7.Artistic Uses
The 36 Copic Classic colors are suitable for a variety of art projects, including illustration, cartooning, sketching, animation, fashion design, architectural modeling, and concept art. This allows artists to expand their opportunities to express their creativity.

8.Application to Art Education
Copic Classic Markers are also suitable for art education. Students and educational institutions can use these markers to learn the basics of color theory and illustration and enjoy their projects.

9.Economical Choice
The Copic Classic 36-color set is more economical than purchasing single items and offers the opportunity to get many colors. Artists have access to high quality tools while staying within their budget.

10.Share with the art community
Utilize social media and online art platforms to share your work with art enthusiasts around the world. You can post your experiences and artwork using the 36 Copic Classics colors and interact with the art community.

In summary, Copic Classic 36 colors are an indispensable art tool for artists and illustrators whose quality, versatile color selection, blending ability, and water resistance are the keys to successful art projects. It will help artists maximize their creativity and strengthen their connection to the art community.

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