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Classic 72-Color Set B

¥38,000 ¥57,000

This set contains a wide variety of Copic's signature colors in four different gray systems. The pack includes a good balance of primary colors, light colors, and gray colors. The acrylic case keeps the markers organized easy to navigate.

1. Extensive Color Palette Copic Classic 72B
contains 72 different colors, offering endless possibilities for art projects. From deep tones to bright colors and a variety of gradients, these color markers allow artists to find the exact color they need to express their ideas.

2. High-quality inks and lightfastness
Copic Classic 72B markers use high-quality alcohol-based inks that provide vibrant colors and an even finish. The artwork will remain beautiful and will not fade. This enhances the preservation of artwork and ensures project duration.

3. Reversibility and Mixability
The unique reversibility and mixability of Copic Classic 72B markers make it convenient for artists to adjust colors and create new colors. The marker's ink is transparent and can be mixed with other colors to create new colors, adding highlights and shades. This allows for a wider range of creative expression.

4. height brush and fine point Copic Classic72B
The markers in the Classic72B have a tall dual-tip design, with a brush tip on one side and a fine point on the other. The brush tip allows for even application of color over a large area, while the fine point is ideal for detailed work. Artists can create any style of work, from fine lines to bold strokes.

5. non-toxic and eco-friendly
Copic Classic 72B markers are made with an environmentally friendly design, non-toxic and eco-friendly. In addition, the marker cap design prevents drying out and ensures long life.

6. versatile applications
Copic Classic 72B markers are suitable for a variety of art projects, including illustration, comics, animation, design, fashion sketching, and architectural drawing. Artists and designers can tackle many different creative tasks with one set.

7. long-term investment
The Copic Classic 72B markers are high quality, durable, and a worthwhile long-term investment. Artists can use these markers to create artwork and improve their skills that are geared toward the professional level. Accessories such as lead replacements and ink bottles are also available, and support is provided with longevity in mind.

8. reliability and reputation
The Copic Classic 72B is highly regarded by artists and illustrators worldwide, and its reliability is widely known within the industry. When reliability is required for a project, the Copic Classic 72B is the perfect choice.

In summary, the Copic Classic 72B is a set of high-quality alcohol markers, an ideal tool for artists and illustrators. Its numerous features, such as its rich color palette, elevated brush design, lightfastness, reversibility, and eco-friendly nature, help improve the quality and creativity of your art projects. This set is also a worthwhile long-term investment.


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