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Sketch Basic 12-Color Set B

¥9,000 ¥11,000

This set is ideal for those who want to create colorful illustrations with Copic Sketch. It contains mainly highly vivid colors, which are perfect for all types of design.

This set is ideal for those who want to create colorful illustrations with Copic Sketch. It contains mainly highly vivid colors, which are perfect for all types of design.

Unleash Your Artistic Potential with Copic Sketch Basic 12 Set B

In the vibrant world of art, where colors come to life on canvas, finding the perfect tools to express your creativity is crucial. One such gem in the realm of artistic supplies is the Copic Sketch Basic 12 Set B—a collection designed to inspire and elevate your artistic endeavors.
It has become a go-to choice for artists worldwide, due to its intricacies of this set, exploring its features, benefits.

The Copic Sketch Basic 12 Set B is a carefully curated selection of high-quality markers that cater to both beginners and seasoned artists. Renowned for their exceptional blending capabilities and vivid color range, Copic markers have become a staple in the toolkit of artists across various disciplines, from illustration and design to manga and fine arts.

Quality and Durability:
One of the standout features of the Copic Sketch markers is their unparalleled quality and durability. Each marker is equipped with a flexible brush tip and a sturdy chisel tip, allowing artists to achieve a broad range of strokes with ease. The markers are refillable, ensuring longevity and sustainability. The alcohol-based ink is quick-drying, making it suitable for layering and achieving seamless blends.

Color Palette:
The Copic Sketch Basic 12 Set B boasts a thoughtfully selected color palette, offering a harmonious blend of primary and secondary colors. From rich blues and warm reds to earthy browns and vibrant greens, this set provides a versatile array that can be used for a myriad of artistic projects. The colors are vibrant and consistent, allowing artists to achieve the desired tone and intensity in their work.

Blending Capabilities:
What sets Copic markers apart is their exceptional blending capabilities. The alcohol-based ink allows for smooth transitions between colors, enabling artists to create gradients and shading effortlessly. Whether you're a professional illustrator or a hobbyist exploring the world of markers, the Copic Sketch Basic 12 Set B empowers you to achieve professional-looking results.

The versatility of the Copic Sketch Basic 12 Set B is evident in its ability to cater to various artistic styles and techniques. The dual tips offer precision and flexibility, making it suitable for fine details, bold strokes, and everything in between. Whether you're working on a detailed illustration, manga, or experimenting with different textures, these markers adapt to your artistic vision.

Ergonomic Design:
Comfort is paramount for artists who spend hours immersed in their creations. The Copic Sketch markers feature an ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended use. The oval-shaped barrel prevents the markers from rolling off surfaces, providing convenience and peace of mind for artists working on intricate projects.

The compact size of the Copic Sketch Basic 12 Set B makes it an ideal companion for artists on the go. The markers are easy to carry, fitting snugly into art bags or pockets. The durable casing protects the markers from damage, ensuring that your artistic tools remain in pristine condition wherever inspiration strikes.

Value for Money:
Investing in quality art supplies is an investment in your artistic journey. The Copic Sketch Basic 12 Set B offers excellent value for money, combining quality, durability, and versatility in a compact package. The refillable nature of the markers further enhances their cost-effectiveness, allowing artists to replace ink and extend the lifespan of their markers.

Community and Resources:
Copic has fostered a vibrant and supportive community of artists who share their experiences and creations. The company provides a wealth of online resources, including tutorials, tips, and inspiration to help artists make the most of their Copic markers. The community aspect adds an extra layer of value to the overall Copic experience.

In conclusion, the Copic Sketch Basic 12 Set B stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and innovation. This set encapsulates the essence of Copic markers—versatility, durability, and exceptional color quality. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring artist, the Copic Sketch Basic 12 Set B is a valuable addition to your toolkit, unlocking a world of creative possibilities. Elevate your art and let your imagination run wild with the Copic Sketch Basic 12 Set B—a true companion for every artist's journey.



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