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Sketch Basic 24-Color Set

¥14,500 ¥21,000

This set's color scheme combines Copic Sketch 12-color sets A and B. The colors are well-balanced with light and bright shades that are easy to handle, even for those picking up Copics for the first time.

Elevate Your Artistic Journey

Are you a budding artist or a seasoned creative professional seeking the perfect set of markers to breathe life into your artwork? Look no further than the Copic Sketch Basic 24-Color Set. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of artists, this set combines versatility, quality, and a vibrant color spectrum.

1. A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities
The Copic Sketch Basic 24-Color Set is a curated palette of 24 vivid and essential colors that form the foundation of any artist's toolkit. From primary hues to nuanced tones, this set provides a versatile array that allows you to explore various artistic styles and applications.

2. Dual-Tip Precision for Artistic Flexibility
One of the defining features of Copic Sketch markers is their dual-tip design. Boasting both a broad chisel tip and a fine point tip, these markers offer artists the flexibility to create everything from sweeping strokes to intricate details. Whether you're sketching, illustrating, or coloring, the dual-tip precision ensures that your artistic vision comes to life with ease.

3. Premium Alcohol-Based Ink for Seamless Blending
The Copic Sketch markers are celebrated for their high-quality alcohol-based ink, which facilitates smooth blending and layering. Transition seamlessly between colors, create gradients, and achieve nuanced shading to bring depth and dimension to your artwork. The quick-drying nature of the ink minimizes smudging, allowing you to work efficiently and with precision.

4. Refillable and Sustainable
Copic Sketch markers are more than just a one-time purchase; they are a sustainable investment in your artistic journey. The markers are designed to be refillable, extending the lifespan of your favorite colors and reducing waste. Additionally, replaceable nibs ensure that your markers stay in optimal condition, making them a responsible choice for environmentally conscious artists.

5. Consistent Color Quality Across the Set
Maintaining color consistency is paramount in art creation, and the Copic Sketch Basic set excels in delivering uniform color quality. Each marker is filled with premium, consistent ink, ensuring that your colors remain true and reliable throughout your artistic endeavors.

6. Versatility for Various Artistic Styles
Whether you're an illustrator, graphic designer, or hobbyist, the Copic Sketch Basic set is designed to adapt to various artistic styles. The 24 essential colors provide a strong foundation for a wide range of applications, from detailed illustrations to expressive brushwork and everything in between.

7. Compact and Portable Design
The compact design of Copic Sketch markers makes them the ideal companion for artists on the go. Easily slip them into your bag or art kit, ensuring that inspiration strikes wherever you may be. The lightweight and portable nature of these markers makes spontaneous creativity a breeze.

8. Ideal for Beginners and Professionals Alike
The Copic Sketch Basic 24-Color Set is versatile enough to cater to artists of all levels. Whether you're just starting your artistic journey or you're a seasoned professional, these markers provide a reliable and accessible toolset that grows with you as you explore and expand your skills.

9. Loved by the Artistic Community
Copic Sketch markers have earned the trust and admiration of the artistic community worldwide. Renowned for their quality, versatility, and longevity, these markers have become a staple in the toolkit of artists, illustrators, and designers alike.

10. The Perfect Gift for Aspiring Artists
Searching for the ideal gift for an aspiring artist? The Copic Sketch Basic 24-Color Set is more than a set of markers; it's a gateway to creativity and self-expression. Gift the joy of vibrant colors and versatile tools to someone eager to explore the world of art.

In Conclusion
The Copic Sketch Basic 24-Color Set is a testament to the brand's commitment to providing artists with tools that inspire creativity and elevate artistic expression. With its essential color selection, dual-tip precision, sustainable design, and adaptability, this set is a valuable addition to any artist's collection.

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