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Sketch Basic 36-Color Set

¥21,000 ¥28,000

A combination of Copic Sketch 12 sets A, B, and C, this pack contains a good balance of shades of each hue. Ideal for many applications, including illustration, idea sketching, art, and design.

1.Copic Sketch Basic 36 Color Set Description
The Copic Sketch Basic 36 Color Set is the ideal set of alcohol-based markers for professional artists and illustrators. 36 basic colors make this set ideal for a wide variety of creative projects. The 36 basic colors in this set are ideal for a wide variety of creative projects and allow for superior color expression.

2.High-quality alcohol-based markers
Copics are widely known for their high-quality art tools, and the Sketch Basics 36-color set is no exception. They are highly effective and protect your artwork from fading. Trusted and supported by professional artists.

3.Extensive color palette
the 36 colors have been carefully chosen to cover a wide variety of scenes and subjects in sketching and illustration production. The palette provides creators with a wide variety of options.

4.Superior mixing ability
Copic Sketch Markers are known for their mixing ability, allowing different colors to be carefully blended to evolve rich gradients and sanders. This is especially important in illustration and cartooning, where unique color styles are a priority.

5.Double-Ended Design
Each marker is a double-ended design with two different tips. The brush tip is ideal for fine detail and brushstrokes, while the chisel tip is useful for filling in large areas. The markers can be used for a wide variety of art styles and projects.

6.Ink refillable
Copic Sketch Markers are designed to be ink refillable, making them environmentally friendly. When you run out of your favorite color, using refillable ink is an economical and long-lasting way to keep your set in use.

7.Water Resistant and Drying
Alcoholic ink is water resistant, making it easy for colors to stay in place and not run out. They also dry easily, making the production process smooth and efficient.

8.Application to art projects
This 36-color set can be widely used for a variety of art projects, including illustrations, cartoons, sketches, card making, craft projects, and more. It is the perfect tool for artists to express their ideas.

9.Sympathize with the art community
Copics are highly respected in the artist community around the world, and using this set allows you to interact and empathize with other artists. Share your work on online platforms and social media and connect with art lovers around the world.

The 36-color set is more economical than purchasing single items and offers the opportunity to obtain a wide variety of colors. Artists can get a high-quality, versatile color palette while staying within their budget.

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