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Artists' Watercolors Set of 108 5ml Tubes W422

¥33,000 ¥40,000

Highly Concentrated Colors
Dilute with water to achieve the shade you'd like.

Moderate Blending Ability
These watercolors will not saturate the paper, so color blending is a cinch.

Vivid Colors
The beautiful pigment you see on your screen is what you get on paper.

Excellent Light Resistance
High-grade pigments are carefully selected to minimize fading and discoloration caused by sunlight.

High Color Clarity
These colors are suitable for even advanced watercolor techniques, so you can get the effect you want every time.

Holbein Artists Watercolors | Set of 108 5ml Tubes W401

1. What are Holbein Transparent Watercolors W422?
Holbein Transparent Watercolors W422 108 Colors All Color Set is the ultimate choice of transparent watercolors, the magic tool of watercolor painting. This set contains a rich and vibrant palette of 108 colors to maximize the artist's creativity.

2. High-quality transparent watercolors
Holbein is known worldwide for its quality, and Transparent Watercolors W422 takes pride in that tradition. The paints provide vibrant, lasting color, bringing beauty and depth to the artwork. It is highly favored by professional artists.

3. Wide Variety of Colors
This set includes 108 versatile colors, offering endless creative possibilities. From light, dark, and neutral colors to those with special effects, there is a variation for every art project.

4. Blending and Mixing
Holbein Transparent Watercolors W422 are known for their excellent blending capabilities. Artists can smoothly blend different colors to create beautiful gradients and tones with ease. It is suitable for a variety of styles including landscapes, portraits, and illustrations.

5. Durability and lightfastness
Transparent watercolors are durable and will keep your work looking beautiful for a long time. They are also lightfast, meaning that the paintings will not fade when exposed to sunlight, thus preserving the value of the artwork. Your art project will remain forever.

6. Wide range of versatility
Holbein Transparent Watercolors W422 are suitable for all art styles and applications, including sketches, landscapes, portraits, animation, illustrations, art journals, and design projects. It is suitable for a wide spectrum of projects.

7. Whole Case Set
The 108-color set is housed in a beautiful case that organizes the paints and makes them easy and convenient to carry. The case makes the set look beautiful and serves as a source of inspiration for the artist.

8. Resonance with Artists
Holbein products are highly regarded by professional artists around the world and provide an opportunity to empathize and share with the art community. Share your work with the world and build relationships with other artists.

9. Economical Choice
The 108-color set is more economical than purchasing single items and provides the opportunity to obtain many colors. Artists have access to high quality tools while keeping their budgets in check.

10. Evolution of art projects
This set of transparent watercolors takes art projects to new heights and helps turn ideas into reality. It is the perfect tool to unleash your creativity and create artwork.

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