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Oil Paint 10ml 18 color set H913

¥15,000 ¥17,000

What are oil paints

Oil paints are made by kneading pigments into vegetable oils such as poppy or linseed oil.
When exposed to air, these oils oxidize and harden the paint.
The reason oil paints do not dry immediately after application is that these chemical changes occur slowly.
Unlike water-based paints, where the water evaporates, oil paints remain thick after drying because the oil content hardens after drying.


  1. High Pigment Load: Holbein oil paints are known for their vibrant colors and high pigment concentration, allowing for rich, intense hues in your artwork.

  2. Buttery Consistency: Many artists appreciate the smooth, buttery consistency of Holbein oil paints, which makes them easy to work with and blend on the canvas.

  3. Lightfastness: Holbein paints are often rated for lightfastness, indicating their resistance to fading over time when exposed to light.

  4. Range of Colors: Depending on the specific set, you can expect a selection of colors suitable for various painting projects. 

  5. Quality Materials: Holbein is known for using high-quality pigments and binders in their paints, ensuring excellent archival properties and longevity for your artwork.

♦Set contents (10ml, 18 colors)

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