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Pure Colors/Painting (20 Color Set) 30201

¥26,000 ¥41,000


Panpastel colors are genuine artists quality pastels uniquely packed in a pan format
Developed so that artists can easily lift, apply and control pastel color just like true painting
The Pan Format Holds the Color Like Paint for Easy Application
Loaded with the highest quality artists pigments and have a rich, ultra-soft, low-dust formulation
Fully erasable and compatible with traditional pastel sticks, surfaces, conventional fixatives


Colors / Titanium White,Hansa Yellow,Diarylide Yellow,Yellow Ochre,Orange,Permanent Red,Red Iron Oxide,Magenta,Violet,Ultramarine Blue,Phthalo Blue,Turquoise, Phthalo Green, Permanent Green,Chromium Oxide Green,Bright Yellow Green,Burnt Sienna,Raw Umber,Black,Neutral Grey,

Set includes / Sofft Painting Knives (No.1 & No.2)x2 , Sofft Knife Covers (No.1 & No.2)x10 ,  Sofft Sponge Barsx3 , Sofft Mini Applicatorsx3 , Storage Jarsx4 , Sofft Big Oval Spongex1


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