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Original tote bag & A4 paper pad 5 books set 

¥12,000 ¥15,000

Set of Nicker original products!

The original tote bag is convenient for carrying paints and drawing materials, and is large enough to hold a paint set, sketchbook, etc.

The original paper pad is made by muse NEW TWITTER, a favorite of animation studios,
A set of 5 books is available for those who want to draw a lot.

【Tote bag 】
Main body: approx. 360mm x 370mm x 110mm
From the bottom of the main body to the top of the handle: approx. 600mm
Material: Cotton

【Paper Pad 】
Product specifications: A4 size, 225g (extra thick), 15 sheets×5
Uses: Illustration, watercolor painting, etc.
Can be used to draw on a wide variety of color materials, including watercolors, alcohol markers, and colored pencils.

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