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Pan Color PN688 8 colors set (metal box)

¥15,000 ¥27,000

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The steel metal box is designed so that the magnets on the back of the pan color adhere perfectly to the metal box, preventing the colors from falling apart even when carried.
The set case is thinner and more portable than conventional cases.


Elevate Your Artistry with Hobein Pan Color PN688 8 Color Set.

In the realm of watercolors, few sets can match the exquisite quality and artistic possibilities offered by the Hobein Pan Color PN688 8 Color Set. Nestled within a sophisticated metal box, this collection of eight meticulously curated colors is designed to inspire and elevate the creative pursuits of artists across all levels of expertise.

Unboxing the Masterpiece:

The PN688 set arrives in an elegantly designed metal box, a testament to Hobein's commitment to providing artists with not just exceptional pigments, but an overall elevated experience. The metal box exudes durability, offering a protective sanctuary for the delicate watercolor pans within.

Upon opening the box, artists are greeted with a visually stunning arrangement of eight pans, each holding a unique and vivid color. The presentation is not just functional; it's an invitation to explore a spectrum of artistic possibilities.

The Color Palette:

At the heart of the PN688 set lies a carefully selected palette, featuring eight essential colors that cater to a wide range of artistic expressions. From the deep, mysterious blues to the warm, earthy tones, each pan encapsulates the richness of Hobein's high-quality pigments.


Superior Pigments:

What sets the Hobein Pan Color PN688 8 Color Set apart is the quality of its pigments. Hobein has a longstanding reputation for producing watercolors with exceptional vibrancy, lightfastness, and color purity. Each pan in the PN688 set is a testament to this commitment, offering artists a reliable and consistent medium for their creative endeavors.

The pigments blend seamlessly, allowing for smooth transitions between colors and enabling artists to achieve the desired intensity with ease. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a budding artist, the PN688 set empowers you to explore the full spectrum of watercolor techniques with confidence.

The Metal Box: Form and Function in Harmony

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the metal box housing the PN688 set serves a crucial role in preserving the integrity of the watercolor pans. The robust construction ensures protection from external elements, making it an ideal companion for artists who find themselves creating en plein air or on-the-go.

The metal box features secure closures, preventing any accidental spills or damage to the delicate pans during transport. Its compact design is both practical and stylish, fitting seamlessly into any artist's toolkit while adding a touch of sophistication to their collection.

Versatility in Application:

One of the standout features of the PN688 set is its versatility in application. Whether you prefer traditional brushwork, wet-on-wet techniques, or intricate detailing, these watercolors adapt to your preferred style seamlessly. The pigments respond beautifully to water, allowing artists to achieve a myriad of textures, from delicate washes to bold, expressive strokes.

The set's compatibility with various surfaces, including watercolor paper, sketchbooks, and even certain mixed-media applications, makes it a versatile choice for artists exploring different mediums and techniques.

Lightfastness and Permanence:

Artists understand the importance of creating work that stands the test of time. Hobein, known for its commitment to quality, ensures that the pigments in the PN688 set are lightfast and permanent. This means that your artwork will maintain its brilliance and vibrancy over the years, allowing you to share your creations with confidence and pride.

Whether you're a watercolor enthusiast, a professional artist, or someone just beginning their creative journey, the PN688 set is a valuable addition to your artistic toolkit. Unleash your creativity, explore the vast possibilities of watercolor, and let the PN688 set be your trusted companion in the pursuit of artistic excellence. Elevate your artistry with Hobein Pan Color.

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