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Pancolor PN699 48 Colors, All Color Set (Lacquer CUBE)

¥49,000 ¥60,000

Luxurious black lacquer container with 24 pan colors each and a porcelain palette in a 3-tiered paulownia wood box.
This new type is a luxurious and compact set of all 48 pan colors. Comes with original cloth dyed in bright lavender and watercolor brushes.

1.Holbein Pan Color PN699 48 Colors All Color Set Overview

Holbein Pan Color PN699 48 Colors All Color Set is one of the outstanding watercolor sets in the art world. This set combines high quality watercolors with a beautiful lacquer CUBE case to provide artists with an extremely rich palette of 48 colors in an exquisite range of colors, which are highly praised by professional artists for their comfort and beauty.

2.A New Dimension in High-Quality Watercolor Painting

Holbein has been providing artists with high-quality art tools for over 200 years, and the PN699 set continues that tradition while also representing a new plane. features and brings real life to your projects.

3.The elegance of the lacquer CUBE case

A notable feature of this set is the beautiful lacquer CUBE case. Elegant and classy, it will stand out in an art studio or on a desk and enhance an artist's creativity. Its ease of use allows it to work in any location for art production.

4.48 attractive colors

The color range consists of 48 colors, including all the colors needed to express the beauty of nature or as if The creative possibilities of the

5.Outstanding Color Depth:.

Each watercolor boasts exceptional color rendering and brings out the true beauty in painting and illustration. The colors are easy to mix and match.

6.Design with excellent mixing ability The PN699 set is designed for mixing.

The PN699 set is also highly regarded for its mixing capabilities. Different colors can be mixed and matched to create rich, complex tones. This is very important for artists pursuing unique color styles in their art projects.

7.Durability and lightfastness

Holbein watercolors are also known for their durability and lightfastness. Works of art can be quietly admired in their beautiful condition and enjoy the charm of fading landscapes for many years to come!

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