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Poster Color 1.4 FL OZ (40 ML) Animated Background Set 
12-color beginner's set

¥17,000 ¥31,000

A handy starting kit for creating animated backgrounds

1.Poster colors in bottles used in the field of animation background painting

3CARMINE: A deep, warm red
10COBALT VIOLET: A soft, elegant purple 
COBALT BLUE: A bright blue, ideal for expansive landscapes
CERULEAN BLUE: Bright, clear blue to represent the sky and water.
24ORANGE: A warm shade depicting sunsets or everyday objects
26CHROME YELLOW: A bright, vibrant yellow depicting sunlight or bright elements 
LEMON YELLOW: A fresh lemon color depicting bright light or plant leaves 
34VIRIDIAN: a deep green color depicting nature
35CHROME GREEN: a light green color depicting plants and natural elements 
43BURNT SHENNA: a deep brown color suitable for depicting wood, earth,     andarchitecture 
51WHITE: pure white for highlights, clouds and ice
54BLACK: dark black for shadows and dense darks

2.Poster Color Paper Pad:

 Paper pad for drawing with Poster Color. Made of high quality paper, it is useful for painting and illustration production.

3.Three different brush sets:

Suitable for detailed drawing and extensive painting work, this set supports the process of creating animation backgrounds.

4.Durability and color vibrancy:

 The paints are of high quality, durable, and fade resistant. This ensures that your creations will remain beautiful for a long time.

5.For you who want to try your hand at creating backgrounds:

This set contains carefully selected items to help even beginners get started right away.

Set includes;
Poster Color 40ML 12-color set
Poster Color Paper Pad
3 brushes: Gashin Toko Dai,HBP Flat Brush No. 6,HBP flat brush No.7

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