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Soft Pastels 90 color set for landscape painting

¥32,000 ¥58,000


This set is perfect for landscape paintings and includes a range of pastels that capture the beauty of nature on canvas.


1.90 Rich Colors: The set comprises 90 pastels, allowing for beautiful gradients and deep hues.
2.High-Quality Materials: Rembrandt pastels use the finest pigments, ensuring vivid and long-lasting colors.
3.Smooth Application: Unique formulation ensures a very smooth, even texture.
4.Professional Grade: These pastels are designed for artists and professionals, suitable for beginners to experts.

<Recommended Points>

The Rembrandt Soft Pastels 90 Colors Set is highly recommended for professional artists due to its quality and diversity. The soft and smooth feel makes it very easy to work with, enabling you to achieve exactly the look you desire. Additionally, the strong color retention ensures your artwork remains beautiful for a long time.

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