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HORADAM® AQUARELL Metal Box With 24 X Harf Pans

¥34,000 ¥67,000


The HORADAM watercolor box from Schmincke consists of a stable metal box (L x W x H: 22.3 x 7.2 x 2.3 cm) with 24 coloristically selected colors and an integrated mixing palette. The colors in the box are in half pans - size: 1.5 x 2 cm. With the large and balanced color selection, many other brilliant colors can be easily mixed.


215 Lemon Yellow
213 Chrome Yellow Dark
214 Chrome Orange
224 Cadmium Yellow Light
229 Naples Yellow
349 Cadmium Red Light
353 Permanent Carmine
366 Dark Red,
481 Cerulean Blue Hue
352 Magenta
474 Manganese Violet
475 helioturquoise
479 heliocoelin
485 indigo
494 ultramarine fine
492 Prussian blue
519 phthalo green
524 May green
533 cobalt green deep
534 permanent green olive
655 light ochre
649 English. - Venetian red
661 burnt sienna
663 sepia brown
780 ivory black
*Color schemes are subject to change.


The HORADAM AQUARELL meets the highest quality demands of artists and hobby painters. The 140 colors of the series convince with their brilliance, highest light fastness and yield. They contain the highest quality artist pigments and binders and are characterised by brilliant mixing results and very good color intensity. This makes them ideal for creating beautiful watercolor artworks.

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