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Soft Pastel S954 50-color set

¥19,000 ¥25,000

Good adherence to paper
Holbein soft pastels are characterized by their good adhesion to paper. However, they do not adhere well to paper, so after drawing, spray the pastel with a pastel fixative to prevent powder from falling off.
Smooth to the touch
Holbein soft pastels have fine particles, which glide softly and smoothly on paper.
Excellent lightfastness
Pastels are easily affected by light because the pigments are exposed. Holbein Soft Pastels use pigments with excellent lightfastness, so you can use them with peace of mind.
Contains no toxic substances
Because pastels are directly handled and painted with the fingers, the effects on the skin and on health when pastels enter the mouth through the fingers must be taken into consideration. Holbein soft pastels are made without using any harmful materials in this respect.

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