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Half Pan 24 Colors Complete Travel Metal Box Set

¥18,000 ¥42,000

The Winsor&Newton Professional Watercolor Set is compact and easy to carry.


Portable size allows you to take professional watercolors on the go. 

They are made with the finest pigments for vibrant colors and superior durability. 


<Set includes>

24 half-pan solid watercolors, 2 palettes, in a built-incase.

<Set Color: Skim includes>

Winsor Lemon(722),
Winsor Yellow(730)
Cadmium Free Yellow (890)
Winsor Orange (724)
Cadmium Free Red (901)
Alizarin Crimson (004)
Permanent Rose (502)
Permanent Magenta ( 489)
Winsor Violet Dioxazine (733)
Indanthrene Blue (321)
French Ultramarine (263)
Windsor Blue Green Shade (707)
Cerulean Blue (137)
Winsor Green Blue Shade (719)
Fuchsia Green ( 311)
Permanent Sap Green (506)
Olive Green (447)
Yellow Car-o ( 744)
Low Sienna (552)
Burnt Sienna (074)
Raw Umber (554)
Burnt Umber (076)
Paynes Gray (465)
Ivory Black (33)

This Winsor&Newton Half Pan 24 Colors Complete Travel Metal Box Set is the perfect option for artists on-the-go. With 24 vibrant colors and a durable metal box, you can easily create wherever inspiration strikes. Plus, the included half pan design allows for easy mixing and blending for truly unique creations. Trust in renowned quality and reliability with Winsor&Newton.

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