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Clean Color Real Brush 120 color set

¥40,000 ¥69,000

Product Name ZIG Clean Color Real Brush
Type/color 120 color set
Kana Name ZIG Clean Color Real Brush 120V
Part number RB-6000AT/120V

JAN code 4901427325706
Product size 162 x 163 x 143 mm
Outer package size 162 x 163 x 143 mm
Product Features Easy to use for lettering, cartoons, illustrations, notebook writing, and many other scenes. The vivid colors are used for a wide variety of purposes. A wide variety of pale colors are available to create light and delicate color expressions. Dusky colors, which are popular in stationery, sundries, and fashion, are also available in calm tones with gradations that can be enjoyed. The 120 color set contains a rich variety of these colors in a richly colored pen.

Elevate Your Artistry to New Heights

・Unleash your creativity and elevate your artistic endeavors with the remarkable ZIG Clean Color Real Brush 120 Color Set. Designed to inspire artists of all levels, this comprehensive set offers a diverse array of vibrant colors that bring your creations to life with unparalleled brilliance and depth.

・Crafted with precision and innovation, each brush pen in the set features a flexible nylon brush tip that mimics the fluidity and control of traditional brushwork. Whether you're a seasoned watercolor enthusiast or a budding artist exploring new mediums, the Real Brush pens offer effortless blending and shading capabilities, allowing you to achieve stunning gradients and intricate details with ease.

・With a rich spectrum of 120 colors to choose from, ranging from bold primaries to subtle pastels, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're sketching landscapes, illustrating portraits, or adding accents to your mixed media projects, the ZIG Clean Color Real Brush set provides the perfect palette to express your unique vision.

・Beyond its vibrant hues and superior performance, the Real Brush pens are also renowned for their durability and longevity, ensuring that your investment in quality materials will withstand the test of time. Whether you're creating artwork for personal enjoyment or professional endeavors, the ZIG Clean Color Real Brush 120 Color Set is a must-have addition to any artist's toolkit, inspiring limitless creativity and pushing the boundaries of your imagination.

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