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Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Marker Set 90/Pkg

¥25,000 ¥35,000

Brush-type color pen. It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as illustration, design, and cartooning.
The brush is flexible and can be used to draw fine or solid colors freely!

Product Name ZIG Clean Color Real Brush
Type/color 90V
Part number RB-6000AT/90V
JAN code 4901427296921
Product size 199 x 162 x 83 mm
Outer package size 199 x 162 x 83 mm
Product Features Set of 89 colors + blender.
Material Pen: PP, PEs / Case: PP
Ink: Water-based dye ink
Country of origin Japan


1.What is Kuretake (ZIG) Clean Color Real Brush?
The Kuretake (ZIG) Clean Color Real Brush 90 Color Set (RB-6000AT/90V) is the ultimate tool for realistic color art. This set contains 90 realistic colors, allowing artists and creators to express their ideas in realistic colors.

2.High-quality realistic brushes
Kuretake (ZIG) is highly respected in the field of art tools, and the Clean Color Realistic Brushes take pride in that tradition. These brushes offer vibrant, realistic color, high color fastness, and the ability to create precise detail. They are highly favored by professional artists.

3.Wide Variety of Color Variations
This set includes a wide variety of color selections for endless creative possibilities. Whether you are working with natural landscapes, portraits, fashion design, animation, or illustration, there is a variation for every art project.

4.Blending and Mixing
Kuretake (ZIG) Clean Color Realistic Brushes are known for their excellent blending capabilities. Artists can smoothly blend different colors to create beautiful gradients and shades with ease. It is suitable for all styles of artwork, portraits, landscapes, etc.

5.Durable and Lightfast
These realistic brushes are durable and will keep your artwork looking beautiful for a long time. They are also lightfast, meaning that your artwork will not fade when exposed to sunlight. Your art project will last forever.

6.Wide range of usability
Kuretake (ZIG) Clean Color Realistic Brushes are suitable for a wide variety of art styles and applications, including sketching, portraiture, fashion design, animation, illustration, card making, letter writing, and character design. They are suitable for a wide spectrum of art projects.

7.Set Convenience
The 90-color set comes in a beautiful storage box that keeps the brushes organized and makes them easy and convenient to carry. The box beautifies the set and serves as a source of creativity for the artist.

8.Resonance with the art community
Kuretake (ZIG) products are highly respected in the artist community and provide an opportunity to share your work and interact with other artists. Share your creations with art lovers around the world through social media and online art platforms.

9.Economical Choice
The 90-color set is more economical than purchasing single pieces and provides the opportunity to get more colors. Artists can get high quality tools while staying within their budget.

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