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Schmincke is the pride of Germany, a manufacturer of paints that "does not compromise in order to do its best.
Schmincke was founded by Hermann Schmincke and Joseph Holadam, who in 1881 took over the recipe for Mussini oil paint, a traditional resin oil paint, from Professor Cesare Mussini, a paint developer at the Florence Academy in Italy, and began selling it. Later, in 1893, he invented and patented Holladam transparent watercolors, which were considered to be of the highest quality in Europe, and the company grew rapidly, achieving the status of the leading German paint manufacturer at the time.

Schmincke gained recognition throughout its long history and was favored by many famous artists and restorers. Today, Schmincke's self-imposed mission is to continue to produce the highest quality German paints in the world.

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